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joseph's Storage bin

JSB operates in the form of a thrift store with inexpensive merchandise as it helps minister to individuals, communities and other ministries.

Highlight Clips from HR Ministries

Evangelism Training

HR Ministries gives support and encouragement to small churches

A Place for All People to Connect with Jesus—

HR Ministries offers many opportunities for individuals, groups, and church bodies to share their faith and talents through many capacities. HR Ministries is a place for all people to connect with Jesus and discover their talents to whom our Lord has gifted. 


Engaging Missions

HRM was founded upon community outreach and missions work.

Prison Outreach

HR Ministries serves in many halfway house, jails, state and federal institutions across several states. 

What can i do?

we are glad you ARE here!

Hands-On: Many like to be up in the middle and right in the thick of things, so do we, as long God is in the middle with us, AMEN! God has given us many opportunities to work beside those who want to engage head-on with those who we minister toward. We are always praying for laborers who have the vision as we do in reaching the lost and equipping the saints.     

Music Events

HRM takes opportunities to host FREE concerts for the public.


Behind The Scenes: Everyone is geared differently when it comes to ministering and sharing the Gospel of Christ. HR Ministries could not function without the spirit filled Christians who work behind the scenes everyday. It might be answering a letter from one of our students, working in the office, baking cookies, aid in preparing food for special services, sorting clothing at our thrift store or sacking up lunches and stuffing supplies into grab bags for certain events. The list is endless of those needs here at HR Ministries.   


How To Get Involved! 

Student Ministries

HR Ministries is engaged with four Job Corps Campuses. We offer various programs in each location.

Over the years we have learned many things about volunteers. The Lord has gifted each one differently and no two are the same. We believe it is very important for every volunteer to pray and seek the Father before jumping head first into any ministry. However, we should not sit quietly on the sidelines and do nothing either. We believe wholehearted that every Christian should have the “Experiencing God” mentality from Henry Blackaby to find out where God is working and go join Him. HR Ministries has many arenas that a volunteer can take part within. Therefore, we challenge you to pray and see how you can experience God through HR Ministries as we work together for God’s Kingdom. 

Financial Partner: Through grace, God has provided each year to meet our need to server others. He has used many financial givers and partners that range from business owners, churches, Sunday school classes, to individuals, in helping provide materials, food, clothes, books and other important items to carry out the task that is before us. Many cannot physically be hands-on or are limited in time to be behind the scenes, so they serve from a different direction for which we are grateful.

Download The Volunteer App:

All volunteers who are seeking to serve with HR must fill out an application. After you have completed and signed the application, you can email, fax or send it by mail to our office. Our office staff will process it for review and then follow-up on the area in which you would like to serve with us.


Basic Training:

Basic Training is required for anyone who is seeking to serve beyond the scope of  volunteering “Behind The Scenes”. Our basic training can be done online or in class with one of our leaders. You will learn the fundamentals of who we are and how we operate. This will also give you the chance to review how you would like to serve with HR.


Core Training:

All Core Staff and Volunteer Leaders that work within management of HR are required to attend these sessions. They are vital to the on going task at hand and what is required by State Laws. These classes are held annually and may require some type of certification to be recognized.