HR Ministries is blessed with the opportunities of mentoring to our community. We host a weekly class at Joseph's Storage Bin. We have also been invited into Caldwell County Middle School to mentor to students. 


Helping young people move from where they are to where they want to go.  Challenging people with encouragement with needs in physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual goals at young people.  Supporting through mentoring with a regular informal meeting to identify goals and coach them toward their next steps which moves them forward from wherever they started.

Informal regular meeting will consist of biweekly visits during schools lunches under supervision of Educational staff.  Student will be assigned to a mentor who will meet for approximately 25 minutes during the school day during the student’s lunch time.  Mentor will provide their own meal purchased at cafeteria and converse with the student about his or her personal needs which will be identified during these conversations.


PO Box 311 Princeton, KY 42445 



Moving Forward @ Joseph's Storage Bin

Moving Forward is a six-week course developed to engage community members who are seeking a hand up. This course is a pre-requisite orientation to the Malachi Dads and Rubies for L.I.F.E. classes. The statement that influences the course, “If you don’t see it before you see it, you will never see it.”

  • Begin with the end in mind:  the first week is an orientation to develop a personal vision for the future. This allows a vision to be established and how scripture encourages focusing on that vision.

  • Guilty:  the second week is a study of dealing with guilt, moving forward from the past, and not allowing it to affect the future. Also, the lesson deals with managing attitude and behavior while seeking direction from God.

  • Time with God:  the third week is the study of how to spend time with our Father God, why it is important to spend time with Him, and to realize the benefit of focusing on productive things.

  • Selfie:  the fourth week is a self-examination tool for continually evaluating our behavior and the resources to help individuals grow in their walk with Christ.

  • Memory Verse:  the fifth week explains the Malachi Dad and Rubies for L.I.F.E. courses and the class participant recites either Psalm 1 (men) or Proverbs 31 (women).

  • Graduation:  the sixth week is a graduation celebration with a review and challenge to the participants concerning their vision and the journey as a child of God. Each participant will receive a certificate of completion.