HR Ministries Parenting Class

Ross-Cash Center - Fredonia, KY

The goal of the HR Ministries Parenting Class is to increase parent awareness concerning children and human relations. The classes are designed to teach a variety of discipline strategies as well as provide growth and developmental facts in regard to the age of your child/children. In addition, you will be given information about skills to  help you become a more effective parent. The fourteen week class consists of many topics that are listed below. The classes will have assignments that will need to be completed before the class meets again. Participation is essential to the class. At the end of each session, there will be a time of discussion and analysis of the information presented. 

Week 1 - 0rientation and expectations of class; definitions of parent and mother
Week 2 - lssues of self-esteem; Biblical mothers; setting goals, both short term and long term

Week 3 - Continuation of week two
Week 4 - Self-analysis of yourself

Week 5 - Steps to maintain positive self-concept
Week 6 - Discussion of discipline for yourself as well as your children

Week 7 - Child development
Week 8 - Forms of Communication and its effectiveness

Week 9 - Reality Discipline
Week 10 - Daily Battles that can occur; methods of discipline
Week 11 - Re-entry Plan; praying for our children; protecting the spirit

Week 12 - lssues of conflict, discipline, and family's cycle
Week 13 - Nutrition, immunizations, childhood related issues; setting boundaries for children; discuss re-entry plan
Week 14 - Recording of the book and graduation

 All of the above topics can be altered to meet the needs of the class if necessary. In addition, if more time or information is needed for the specific topic for that week, times will be adjusted.


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